Virtual reality at the design stage and the creation of interior design

June 18, 2020

Virtual reality is becoming an interesting and perspective marketing tool.

As VR technology is constantly being improved,more and more companies are investing in VR technology, and many are already seeing impressive results.

In addition, such content can be used to present a project or new ideas to investors or clients by combining 360-degree video and visualization of objects. Innovative 3D technology allows for creations of models for apartments, houses, restaurants, hotels and other indoor office spaces such as yacht cabins at the design stage and create the design of the project. Thanks to this, you can walk inside the room. Moving through the interior previously known only from computer games. The use of VR 3D glasses further enhances the effect. You can rotate, look in all directions,change colors of the wall and different materials, also you can look different furniture in the VR.

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