Virtual Reality for real estate developers

June 18, 2020

Good day real estate developers ツ

 VR technology starts to be a good and modern sales tool. Virtual reality is successfully used by developers as a way of conveying information about an object that is under construction to a client. The technology affects the customer’s decision to buy an apartment.

The developer, using virtual reality technology, will be able to present a large number of premises in real time.The buyer can see a realistic image in front of him that evokes a sense of space. The opportunity to see the future project here and now and to feel its scope is the new horizons of real estate presentation using VR. The use of virtual reality services in the real estate market is beneficial for both the developer and the home buyer. Sellers were given the opportunity to present a proposal to a potential customer in detail and from a suitable perspective. The buyer, while away from the apartment, can thoroughly examine it. VR technology allows you to evaluate the size of the room, layout, possible interior and even the view from the windows.

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