What is an interior design project and why is it important for those who are starting repairs?

June 18, 2020

When we deciding on repairs in our apartment or house, each of us ultimately strives to get the house/apartment of our dreams, which fully meets our requirements,both aesthetically and functionally. So that our expectations are met and we don't disagree with the final result.

Why do you need an interior design project?

The design project of the house/apartment is not only a drawn sketch of the future interior, but a whole package of documents, including various options for planning decisions of your house, drawings, 3D visualization of the premises and other important and interesting documentation, based on which further repairs will be made.

You can see how I am creating one of my design project.

First stage

At this stage, all necessary measurements are carried out in the house/apartment, and a plan is drawn up in which the location of all building changes. After that, with the help of a designer, the client draws up a technical task in which all his or her wishes for the future house/apartment are indicated.

Second stage

At this stage, the designer is already moving on to developing a stylish solution for the future interior. As a rule, several variation of the concept of the house/apartment interior are provided for client.

Third stage

At this stage, the selection of materials and furniture items is carried out, the tile is laid out, a plan for the arrangement of furniture and lighting devices is drawn up, and the design of ceilings and floors in the room is being developed.

The fourth stage

For the convenience of the client, the designer presents 3D visualization of the future interior.

Fifth stage

At the final stage of the design project, the client receives all the necessary technical drawings, which are designed to significantly facilitate the implementation of the approved interior. The package includes documents with the selection of building and materials (with an indication of their required number), exact plans for position and structures that need to be built or demolished. You will also receive plans for the installation of sockets, lighting fixtures, ceiling plans and floor layouts, as well as an indication of the name of the furniture and lighting fixtures that were used in the project.

Therefore, you should not refuse to draw up a design project and other professional design assistance.

I will help you to create a comfortable and cozy accommodation.