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Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is becoming an interesting and perspective marketing tool. You can walk through your new home before it has even been built. The use of VR glasses further enhances the effect. You can rotate, look in all directions, change colours of the wall and different materials, also you can look at different kind of furniture in VR.
Augmented Reality
Augmented reality suits the furniture and architect business perfectly. People want to see virtual interior design ideas in real time, and AR provides them with such ability. Using AR you can see furniture that you want to buy in your flat before you buy it or imagine how your future house will look like on your territory.
3D Visualization
3d visualization is an effective way to sell a product before it's done. It is the creation of a photorealistic image, which will show how a house/flat/cafe etc. will look like before the build is finished or the repair is done. Let us help you to bring your vision to life in 3d.
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